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Happy Baby Organic Gender

From pregnancy cravings to Chinese birth calendars, it’s time to check out these old school (and just-for-fun!) ways of predicting your baby’s gender:

Am I having a baby boy or girl?

Honestly, there’s no real way of knowing until you have your ultrasound scan at 20 weeks – but plenty of people SWEAR by these old wive’s tales and gender prediction tests…
Where is your bump sitting?

This one’s easy; all you have to do is look down. If your bump is carrying high, with the weight spread out more around your middle, then you’re apparently having a pink one. If it’s sitting low and at the front of your body, you’re all about that blue.

What’s your morning sickness like?

If you suffer from morning sickness in the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy, this apparently indicated that you’re having a baby girl. If it strikes a little later, you’re having a son!

Happy Baby Organic Gender

The ring test

For this one you’ll need a ring (traditionally your wedding band) and tie it to a string. Hang it over your belly. If it swings in a circle, a little guy’s supposedly in your future. If it goes back and forth, you’ve got a girl.

How is baby’s heartbeat doing?

Next time your obstetrician listens to your baby’s heartbeat, be sure to ask them to tell you what it is. Why? Well, according to legend, 140+ beats per minute means your little one is a girl. Below 140? It’s a boy.

It’s apparently a girl – all the old wive’s tales say that lots of energy mean you’re having a little boy.

How’s your skin?

Are you getting spotty? Blame it on your daughter; there’s some weird theory that little girls are more likely to make you break out than boy babies will.
And, while we’re on that one, how’s your hair?

Glossy locks = baby boy. Dull and tired hair? It’s a pesky baby girl!

What are you craving?

If you’re craving chocolate, ice cream, and sweet things, you’re apparently having a little girl (sugar and spice and all things nice, right?). If you’re all about those crisps, cheeses, or other salty / sour nibbles, then you’re apparently having a boy.

Happy Baby Organic Gender

Check your breasts

If your right breast looks bigger than the left, it’s a boy. Vice versa, it’s a girl!

Take a peek!

At your 12 week scan, try to sneak a peek at the ‘nub’ between your baby’s legs. If it’s pointing up by more than 30 degrees, it’s a boy. If it’s not? A girl.

The key to the secret

Place a key in front of yourself and pick it up. Simple, right?

Once you’re done, look at HOW you picked it up; apparently if you grabbed it by the bit you stick in the lock, you’re apparently having a girl. Grabbed it by the bit you hold? Boy.

Happy Baby Organic Gender

Baby’s movement

Some think an energetic baby in the womb indicates a boy and a chilled foetus means you are carrying a girl – although we bet plenty of mums would disagree with that one!

The skull theory

Apparently you can check out your baby’s skull to see what their gender is; rounder skulls apparently mean you’re having a girl, and a more square skull equals a baby boy.

Put your hands up!

Some say if your hands are dry you are having a boy and if they are soft you are having a girl.

Show off your pins

If the hair on your legs is growing faster than ever, it apparently means you’re expecting a boy. The same as normal? It’s a girl.

Of course, a more reliable method of predicting your baby’s gender is using the Organic Gender Baby Predictor: find out more here!

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