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Do you want to know the gender of your unborn baby? If you’re among the people who do, then you’re in luck. You don’t have to rely on old wives tales. They may be fun, but you’ll find that they get it wrong as often as they get it right. Test a bunch of these folk methods of gender prediction, and you’ll get conflicting predictions. That’s why you want to use the Organic Gender Baby Gender Test Kits instead.

Fun but False Gender Test Methods

Many of us have heard of various folk tales regarding how to tell what the baby’s gender is going to be. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Are you carrying your baby low? Then your baby’s a boy. If it’s high, it’s a girl.
  • Another tradition says that if you’re expanding horizontally, it’s a girl. Carrying in front means it’s a boy.
  • Do you have cold feet and dry hands? It’s a boy. But if you have skin blemishes like acne, it’s a girl. According to legend, she’s taking some of your beauty.
  • Here’s another superstition, which uses your wedding ring. You take of the ring and tie it to a piece of string. Then you hang the ring over your belly. Is it swinging back and forth? Then it’s a girl. If the ring swings in a circle, it’s a boy.
  • When you get an ultrasound during the early weeks of the pregnancy, it may be too early to definitely tell if it’s a boy or girl. That is, it’s too early for the medical professionals. But you can measure your baby’s heart rate. If it’s more 140 beats per minute, then it’s a girl. If it’s less than 140 beats a minute, it’s a boy.
  • Your cravings may also provide a clue. Do you want lots of sour and salty foods? Then it’s a boy. It’s a girl if you’re looking for chocolate and other sweets.
  • The husband may even provide a clue too. If daddy is putting on some weight along with mommy, then mommy is carrying a girl. If daddy’s weight remains the same, then a boy is coming.
  • Are you prone to lots of bouts of morning sickness? That means baby is a girl. With a boy, you’re supposed to go through your first trimester without too many instances of upset stomach.
  • What if it’s your friend who’s pregnant? Then you can give her the key gender predictor test. Just present her a key and ask her to pick it up. If she takes it by the round end, then it’s a boy. But if she grasps it by the narrow part, it’s a girl.
  • Then there’s the Drano gender prediction test, which is actually a bit dangerous. The pregnant mom pees in a cup, and then you add a table spoon of Drano. If the liquid in the cup turns blue, then it’s a boy. Green says it’s a girl. However, you may want to hold off from this particular baby gender test. The mixture can create toxic fumes, or even cause an explosion. So why risk it?
  • Instead of Drano, you can use baking soda with the urine instead. It’s a boy if it fizzles and it’s a girl if it doesn’t.

All these tests are fun, but often when you take then you’ll get different predictions. So why not try the Baby Gender Test Kits by Organic Gender instead. They’re fun too! What’s more, they’re a lot more accurate.

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