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Organic Gender Blog Launch!

Organic Gender Blog Introduction

Organic Gender Blog Launch!

 Organic Gender is happy to launch our new blog.  While various members of our organization will be contributing content to this site from time to time, as the primary moderator I would like to begin by introducing myself.  My name is Jenna, and I am not a parent.  I am a single woman, living in Brooklyn in her late twenties who does hope to someday have a family, but definitely not at this time. 

I have a great support system, and am fortunate to have many close friends and family members in my life who are amazing parents.   Throughout the next several months I hope to address issues regarding natural health, sustainable living, and to hopefully address topics and trends that perpetuate the blatant misinformation that I encounter on the big scary internet and in the parenting world. I would like to see others contribute to the conversation; I would like to see you openly express your parental ideologies to me and if necessary correct me when I have written about something that you do not agree with. 

This is a “Judgment Free Zone” I believe that in this age of information, people are free and capable of forming their own well-reasoned opinions; it is not my job to tell anyone that their opinions are wrong.  I hope that this blog will serve as a source of humor, inspiration, and support.

I have watched some of my best friends become mothers and/or wives over the years, and I sincerely admire them.  I have great respect for people who consecutively begin their careers and start their families almost immediately after college, it honestly astounds me. 

Yesterday I was gathering laundry to clean before the start of my work week when I realized that there was about half a load from last weeks laundry haul laying at the bottom of my hamper that I never got around to folding. 

I started to think about how simple household chores like this tend to slip my mind even though I’m not actually responsible for anyone but myself.  Some of the mothers I know are so incredibly dedicated to their households, and somehow balance everyone’s schedule while maintaining a relatively clean house and I can’t even fold my clean clothes. 

I have to believe that when you become a parent, something changes in you chemically.  Suddenly you become a superhuman who has all of the answers, does not take flak from anyone, and masters the art of organization (in general, you really just make us single people look bad). 

Okay, I know, it may not seem that way when you are on this inside; you may feel like a mess but to the rest of the world (namely those of us who have not matured into starting our own families) you look like you’re balancing a million things flawlessly, and not to mention your postpartum body looks better than my current body (whaaat, and I’m totally jealous!)

I guess what I am trying to say is, becoming a parent is the most natural and most astounding transition we go through in our lives.  You are no longer an individual; you are responsible for the rearing of a person who will hopefully one day contribute something to this clump of dirt, and perhaps, one day, make you proud. 

This is why I am fascinated with parents and why I chose to contribute to the Organic Gender Blog.  The very nature of our company is all about documenting the growth beginning just after conception, and sharing the moment of discovery with you in your path towards parenthood. 

In this blog you will find topics ranging from anecdotes that will hopefully alleviate some of your daily stress, to neat tips we find along the course of this blog, and finally we will highlight inspiring people, mothers, and mommy bloggers from time to time. 

Yes, our product in itself has a very narrow and specific purpose, but this blog will cover a wide range of topics relevant to pregnancy, newborns, and parenting.  We are very interested in your conversation, and we want to know what you think.  We hope that you will enjoy what we have to say as well.


  1. Elizabeth Barkley-Reply
    June 1, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    Congratulations on your new blog! I can’t wait to see it grow and touch the hearts of thousands!

  2. Rochi-Reply
    January 7, 2015 at 8:47 pm

    Great thikginn! That really breaks the mold!

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