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Comparing Gender Prediction Kits

From Ancient History Until Now – Baby Gender Prediction

For ages, people around the world have been curious to identify their baby’s gender before childbirth. Even the ancients took pride in planning and strove to find indicators that could help them prepare for the newborn. Ancient Egyptians devised one of the oldest techniques to perform this examination using urine and growth patterns of specific seeds. This is the concept behind organic baby gender tests.

There are three oft-used techniques for gender determination, including organic gender, Intelli gender, and ultrasound testing. Of these, the non-invasive techniques, ultrasound appears to be losing most ground for a number of reasons.

Pros and Cons of Ultrasound baby gender predictors

This technique involves the use of powerful sound rays to “see” the developing baby and determine its gender. This technique has for long been considered the most popular despite its comparatively low accuracy. The technique can only be applied after at least ten weeks and even then its accuracy is way below that of modern techniques.

In light of new techniques, ultrasound is no longer as widely used. The main reason being, the developing baby and mother are exposed to risk through the use of powerful sound waves. That is not forgetting that the positioning of the placenta is not always an accurate gender determinant.

On the other hand, ultrasound continues to be used to detect developmental abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome, cleft palate, cardiac anomalies and other physical malformations.

Organic Gender baby gender testing

This is a modern non-invasive indicator that relies on ancient knowledge to determine the outcome of your boy or girl test. To complete this test successfully, the mother is instructed to begin eating right and exercising regularly early during pregnancy.

Unlike ultrasound, organic gender testing can be done as early as nine weeks into pregnancy with decent accuracy – 70%.  The concept is to determine gender based on how hormones on the urine samples affects the growth of seeds. The kits are affordable and can be easily found in retail outlets both online and in stores. They are a great and safe prediction test to determine the gender of your baby with out the hassle and expense of an ultrasound.

Intelli gender – baby gender testing

Intelli gender is a revolutionary gender testing technique that relies on urine samples to detect pregnancy and baby gender early as six weeks into pregnancy. While it is very effective to determine pregnancy after missed periods its efficacy in gender prediction is not that high.

However, it would be unfair to deny it’s fast and easy to use. Intelli gender is also very safe and does not expose the mother or child to risk. Unfortunately, it does not serve any alternative purpose, and the introduction of a more effective product could easily render it obsolete. Its comparison to the baking soda test often does little to improve its standing in the professional antenatal community.

Closing remarks

With several new options to determine gender, pregnancy is becoming even more joyous for many families. While ultrasound testing accuracy is questionable, its use as a precursor to identifying malformations will have this technique survive for several years to come. While organic and Intelli gender kits report greater accuracy, they lack the versatility of ultrasound.

Based on the above thoughts the future appears to lean toward relegation of ultrasound to the role of physical examination – yet another plus for mothers.

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