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Over at 3boysandadog Mommy-blog she has a nice take on the Organic Gender Baby Predictor:

The age old question for those of you expecting a baby……Do we find out if it’s a boy or a girl? Having a baby is one of the biggest life changing events that will ever happen in your lifetime. In addition to knowing if the baby is healthy, who they will look like and take after, most of us want to know the gender of the baby as soon as possible.

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Organic Gender is a patent-pending, all natural, interactive way to find out the gender of your baby before he or she is born. No expensive or invasive tests to take. Organic Gender uses the same process as the ancient Egyptians used to predict the gender of children, with a few modern-day modifications.

I have to admit, the process of this gender identification test is pretty amazing. Organic Gender uses a urine based, at-home prediction test, that provides you with a kit containing two types of organic seeds to plant. A pregnant woman’s urine will cause both seeds to grow. But whichever seeds grow faster and stronger will determine the gender of your baby. And you can start this process as early as 9 weeks! No more waiting until your 20-week ultrasound and hope you get to find out. In most cases you will see results within several days.

This is a fun activity you can get the entire family involved in. The older siblings will love to watch both plants to see if they are going to have a new brother or a new sister!

Results from Organic Gender are about 70% accurate so you can start planning for your little boy or girl earlier than normal.

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