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1 – 8 weeks Pregnant

Often, in the very early stages of pregnancy, from 1 to 8 weeks, you are wondering if you are having a boy or girl. However at this point in your pregnancy you won’t be able to get a truly accurate prediction using Organic Gender baby gender prediction system; you will need to wait until you are at least 9 weeks pregnant.

It is ok to purchase the product now, as the Organic Gender baby gender prediction test will not expire in the time leading up to your ninth week.

We understand your desires to know your baby and we urge you to purchase Organic Gender baby gender prediction system now so that as you enter your ninth week you will have the test available to begin the process.

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9 – 13 weeks Pregnant

In your 9th to 13th week your body will now be fully producing the hormones necessary to produce the accurate reading you are looking for when using the at home gender prediction test from Organic Gender.

The pregnancy hormones existing in your body will have reached full prediction potency and when combined with Organic Gender baby gender prediction system’s multiple application process will help get the most out of your gender prediction testing.

In this stage of your pregnancy you are ready to purchase and begin use of the Organic Gender early prediction test.

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14 – 20 weeks Pregnant

Beyond the 13th week in your pregnancy, most women feel they are close to getting their sonogram and may wonder if gender prediction is truly necessary.

At Organic Gender baby gender prediction test, we find our method affords a unique interactive opportunity to know early, the gender of your baby while also giving you a first glimpse prior to sonogram/ultrasound testing, allowing the sonogram or ultrasound results to be a confirmation and second opinion of the prediction you will receive in the privacy of your home, with Organic Gender baby gender early prediction test.

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20 weeks Pregnant

At this point in your pregnancy you will be scheduled to receive your sonogram. This is the perfect opportunity to compare your sonogram results with the gender prediction offered by Organic Gender.

Once you receive your sonogram results, you can use the free Organic Gender iPhone app to report your results on Facebook, or sign up through Organic Gender’s Facebook page an report your results and upload your pictures to share with family and friends.

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20 weeks plus Pregnant

Sometimes ultrasounds and sonograms are inconclusive because the baby is “uncooperative” in its positioning, which makes gender determination impossible. So you’ve waited until your 20th week for your sonogram and your baby’s gender can’t be determined. Now what?! Also, at times a technician “thinks” they know the gender, but will tell you not to paint your room blue or pink just yet.

Get online and Order Organic Gender early gender prediction system today! Don’t wait until your next appointment. Often times, your insurance company will only cover the costs of the 20th week ultrasound. Additional testing, unless medically necessary, is your financial responsibility, making Organic Gender a natural alternative.

What’s the earliest you can use Organic Gender

You must be at least 9 weeks pregnant to render the urine properties effective for our baby gender prediction test. The Organic Gender early prediction test kit is an all natural way of helping to determine the sex of your baby.

If instructions are followed to the ideal standards, studies show the test to be over 70% accurate. Please use your doctor’s ultrasound/sonogram for confirmation of Organic Gender baby gender prediction system results.

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