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Is it a Boy or Girl?

Organic Gender has the answer for you as early as 9 weeks pregnant.

From the moment you become pregnant the cells of the fertilized egg multiplies, the embryo – Your Baby – grows rapidly – however the actual sex of your baby is not determined until you are around 6-7 weeks pregnant. At this stage your baby’s genitalia begins to develop; within the next couple weeks your urine will show traces of male/female hormones produced by your baby.

Current urine gender tests on the market today offer results at 10 weeks; however these products are a one-time urine test, relying solely on a single urine specimen to determine if you are having a boy or girl.

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Organic Gender is the only gender prediction test that gives you more than just one opportunity to capture your body’s true hormonal balance by requiring you to hydrate the test with multiple urine specimens over several days; thereby ensuring a more accurate test result of whether you are having a baby boy or baby girl.

Has Early Gender Prediction Always Existed?

In the past, most childbirths were a mystery and although parents wanted to know, the technology was not prevalent in modern day society even though it did exist. You can read more about what existed in our History section and the common myths that surrounded gender prediction in our Gender Prediction Myths section.

With over 70% accuracy, Organic Gender is nature’s most accurate and earliest, all natural, gender testing system on the market today. Your answer awaits, order your Organic Gender test kit today!

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