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Should you warn your friends about becoming a Mommy?

One of my best friends is having her first baby. She’s a woman who has been fiercely independent her whole life. She has traveled to some ridiculous number of countries. She has a graduate degree from another country. She works for one of the top ten universities in America. She’s easily among the top 3 most hilarious humans I’ve ever known, and the smartest. And in a pinch, my kids may choose her over me. There’s that kind of love between us.

She’s expecting her first baby in January.

There are so many things I want to tell her.

There are so many things I want her to know are “okay.” I don’t fucking know what she should “expect.” How would I ever know that? Expect crazy. Expect weird. Expect beauty. Expect misery. But details? Nah those are hers to own. Hers to build.

The other day we were texting and she was expressing the understandable shitstorm of emotions within her – excited, terrified, depressed, in love.

Blogger Chooses Organic Gender instead of Ultrasound

Sustainable Baby
Something you might not have thought about: Organic Gender is the sustainable choice and doesn’t use precious resources or leave a carbon footprint!

From Jen over at Another Jen pregnant mommy-blog:

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Gender Predictions throughout history

There are many “old wives’ tales” predicting the sex of your baby in the days before ultrasound made it a game of “find the penis” (or lack thereof) on the little monitor.

The way you walk

Walk with your right foot first, you’re having a boy; the opposite, you’re having a girl. This was according to the Distaff Gospels — a wonderful source for medically questionable stunners, some of which were, if not exactly prescient or accurate, at least well-intentioned: For example, the Gospels cautioned that if at the hour of conception, “neither feels affectionate love for the other, a female of bitter disposition is born.”

After the baby comes

Organic Gender FAQ

Over at Madamenoire there’s a great article about the 10 things that change after you have a baby.

Morning Mommy

My husband would disagree with me on this, mainly because I find that I’m late for work almost every morning getting myself and my son out of the door. But what I have discovered since having my son is I no longer need an alarm clock to get up in the morning. Maybe it’s because I never really slept. Sleep was…and still is…my best friend, but since I haven’t gotten any in over a year now if you include my pregnancy, I can now find a way to function in the morning and throughout the day

Don’t Touch The Belly!

All Hands on Baby

belly touch

Everyone wants to touch the baby, especially during the pregnancy but no one ever asks. 

If you haven’t noticed yet, the minute you start to show a tummy everyone else will gladly show you.  The tummy becomes this magnet for hands and everyone wants to handle it.

It doesn’t matter if you are walking around in a store, sitting down in a restaurant or walking on your own street, someone is bound to start rubbing all over it.