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What is the Best Multivitamin for Pre-Pregnancy?

Most women would choose to conceive a child if given a chance. To increase the chances of conception, however, a woman needs to improve her health even before she gets pregnant. Aside from frequent exercise and a healthy diet, it’s advisable for women to take regular doses of the best multivitamin for pre pregnancy to ensure that she has all the vitamins and minerals she needs to remain healthy.

Pre Pregnancy Planning

What are the Best Multivitamin for Pre PregnancyMultivitamins for women that are yet to become pregnant are different from prenatal vitamins for those already carrying a child. This is because pregnant women have different vitamin and mineral requirements.

A good example is folic acid. Women who want to become pregnant need to prepare themselves by consuming healthy amounts of folic acid. Folic acid, or vitamin B, assists in preventing birth defects of the brain or spinal cord.

Mayo Clinic suggests that women who are trying to become pregnant should get at least 600mcg a day of folic acid.

In addition to folic acid, other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D, are also important in producing sex hormones and improves ovulation. Vitamin E has proven to be an essential vitamin for fertility. Many infertile women have a vitamin E deficiency.

If you’re trying to get pregnant, then there are a number of other prenatal vitamins and minerals that your body needs in sufficient amounts to prepare it pregnancy.

It’s imperative that you find the right type of multivitamins that will meet your needs and that of your baby.

Best Multivitamins for Trying to Conceive

If you’re thinking of heading straight to the pharmacy and buying bottles of multivitamins, you may want to hold that thought for a moment. You first need to know the best multivitamins for trying to conceive.

Many multivitamin brands being manufactured today are synthetic. Although effective, the body has a harder time breaking down synthetic supplement vitamins. So you actually receive less nutrition than you expect.

The best multivitamins for trying to conceive are organic because these were derived from actual foods that you can find naturally. Since these vitamins are food items, your body can easily process them as food thus receiving the full benefits of the multivitamin.

Before Pregnancy Take the Best Multivitamin for Pre Pregnancy

Fertility Vitamins for Males

It takes the efforts of both a woman and a man for a woman to get pregnant. If the woman needs to be healthy in order to conceive, so does a man. As such, if pregnancy is one of your priorities, you need to make sure that your partner’s not only healthy but optimized for fertility as well. Consuming fertility vitamins helps exponentially.

Natural vitamin C and zinc are known to boost male fertility. If you’re going to recommend the vitamins to your partner, make sure that you recommend vitamins made from natural products.

Choose the Best Multivitamin for Pre Pregnancy

Trying to get pregnant can sometimes be as exciting as the actual pregnancy. Not only do you need to make sure that you and your partner’s bodies are healthy. You also need to make sure that the reproduction functions are at the optimal levels.

At Organic Gender, we believe that the best way to stay fit is to only consume organic. This also includes multivitamins. Taking the best multivitamin for pre pregnancy will ensure that your body is well-prepared. They make sure that you will take in all the vitamins and minerals the nutrients supplements have to offer.

Why Prenatal Vitamins with Folic Acid and Iron Are Essential for Your Pregnancy

There’s no bigger wish a pregnant mother could make than her child be healthy and complete when it is born. Unfortunately, living in a heavily polluted environment almost every food product has been laced with dangerous chemicals and fertilizers. So health has become a major concern. From the air we breathe to the water we drink. Eeverything that we put in our body can be harmful to an unborn child in one way or another.

The question is, how can we ensure that the child remains healthy until it is born? If you’re looking for a guarantee, there is none.

However, you can improve the chances that the child is born healthy and complete. That’s by religiously taking and knowing when to take prenatal vitamins with folic acid and iron from the moment your healthcare provider gave you the prescription to the time your child is born.

When to Take Prenatal Vitamins with Folic Acid and Iron

Knowing when to take prenatal vitamins is just as important as knowing which ones to take. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant or you’re concerned about your health, you may have already been taking a multivitamin. This is good because it means that your body could already be well prepared to manage your unborn child.When to Take Prenatal Vitamins with Folic Acid and Iron

However, once you consult a healthcare provider for your first prenatal visit, you’ll be prescribed with different vitamins. These are called prenatal multivitamin. These are similar to the one you were already taking, but they have more essential vitamins and minerals that are specific to a healthy pregnancy including DHA, calcium, folate, folic acid, and iron.

You’ll need to confirm with your healthcare provider when to take prenatal vitamins and whether you should continue or discontinue taking your regular vitamins for the time being.

What Are the Best Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnancy?

There are dozens of prenatal vitamin brands on the market. From synthetic vitamins to organic ones, choosing the best prenatal vitamins for pregnancy can be a bit confusing. Going through all the medical-sounding names on the labels won’t help either unless you’re a pharmacist, chemist, or someone who has been around those substances.

Recommending a brand of oral supplements wouldn’t work as well since some brands work well on certain body types and not others.

The only person that can be certain what the best prenatal vitamins for pregnancy are for you would be your healthcare provider. After reviewing the results of your physical and nutrition level examination and blood tests, the healthcare provider will be able to decide which brand is best for you.

Are There Pregnancy Vitamins to Avoid?

Prenatal Vitamins with Folic Acid and Iron Are Essential for Your PregnancySome vitamins and minerals won’t work well for pregnant women. This is because they can cause toxicity if they continue to build up in the body. The toxicity of those vitamins can cause serious problems. Not just to your health, but to the health of the child as well.

Your healthcare provider is aware of what those vitamins and minerals are. They will not recommend or prescribe brands that contain those particular vitamins. This is another reason why it’s better to trust the recommendation of your healthcare provider rather than trying to find the brand of the best prenatal vitamins for pregnancy on your own.

Keep Yourself and Your Baby Healthy with Organic Prenatal Vitamins with Folic Acid and Iron

Here at Organic Gender, we believe that an organic prenatal vitamin is a better source of nutrition. For pregnant women organic is the way to go rather than those made from synthesized chemicals. Natural vitamins like organic folic acid and iron are a healthier alternative for many popular synthetic multivitamins. Before you make the decision to convert to organic vitamin formula, make sure you discuss this with your healthcare provider. This will help you to first learn how using organic vitamins will affect you both prenatal and postnatal.

Top Rated Prenatal Vitamins 2017

It’s only natural to want the best things in life, especially if you’re about to give life.

You want the best foods, the healthiest diet, and especially the best prescription prenatal vitamins for pregnant women. It just wouldn’t be right to not give your unborn child the best chances to be healthy.

However, before you’ll be able to decide which particular brand of the top rated prenatal vitamins 2017 would be the best for you, you’ll first need to decide if you want synthetic vitamins or organic.

Best Prescription Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnant Women

Find The Top Rated Prenatal Vitamins For Your Little One in 2017Synthetic vitamins, like the name suggests, are vitamins made from synthesized chemicals. In many ways, they’re no different from prescription medications.

Not only are they made from various chemicals, they also have a higher chance of producing side effects.

However, this in no way means that synthetic vitamins are not effective. They wouldn’t have reached the market if they weren’t.

We could provide a list of all the popular brands of prescription vitamins, but your healthcare provider would already have a preferred brand of the best prescription prenatal vitamins for pregnant women.

The reason why it would be a smart decision to follow the recommendations of your healthcare provider is that they already know how the brand works and how it affects the body. They might not be familiar with other brands and could even refuse to recommend them.

Best Organic Prenatal Vitamin Supplements

On the other hand are organic prenatal vitamin supplements. Organic vitamins come from living substances, such as plants and animals. Many vitamins come from a combination of organic materials that are rich in the vitamins and minerals you’ll need during pregnancy, such as folic acid, DHA, iron, and others.

However, unlike synthetic vitamins, organic prenatal vitamin supplements do not produce side effects. If there are any reported cases of such, they rarely occur. One would need to have an allergy to an organic substance for side effects to occur.

If you inform your healthcare provider early on that you prefer organic prenatal vitamins over synthetic ones, he or she may be able to recommend a particular brand.

You’ll need to understand that when it comes to organic vitamins, it would be difficult to point out the best for your particular situation. Don’t rely on the number of units sold for each brand of top rated prenatal vitamins 2017. The reason behind higher sales are likely better marketing.

How Do You Choose the Best Vitamins for Pregnancy?

Always remember that you need to trust the recommendation of your health care providers. They are fully aware of your situation, and thus able to decide what is best for you.

However, always keep in mind that you also have a say in whatever you decide to put in your body. So if you feel that organic prenatal vitamin supplements are safer, discuss this with your healthcare provider.

Choose Wisely Among the Top Rated Prenatal Vitamins 2017

The Top Rated Prenatal Vitamins in 2017If you’re searching for top rated prenatal vitamin, then be aware that you’ll also need to find out the reason behind the ratings.

Higher sales don’t always mean better products, but they could mean better marketing, so make your decision wisely.

At Organic Gender, we recommend organic prenatal vitamin supplements as we strongly believe that these are best for you and your baby’s health.

Nevertheless, you should carefully weigh the benefits and any disadvantages that synthetic and organic prenatal vitamins may have before making your decision.

At Organic Gender, we recommend organic prenatal vitamin supplements. We strongly believe that these are best for you and your baby’s health.

Nevertheless, you should carefully weigh the benefits and any disadvantages. Synthetic and organic prenatal vitamins, it’s ultimately your choice as a mother.

How to Find the Best Natural Prenatal Vitamins

Pregnancy is one of the most delicate moments of motherhood. Even though you expect the best and that everything will go fine, there’ll be times when you begin to worry and wonder about the health of the child you’re carrying.

It’s true; we don’t hold the future so there’s no harm in worrying, as long as you don’t do it too much. Excessive worrying can produce negative results for both you and your baby.

One way to reduce the need to worry is preparation by taking the best natural prenatal vitamins you can find.

Which Prenatal Vitamins to Take During Pregnancy

Prenatal vitamins come in many different forms and brands. They usually categorized them as synthetic or natural. Synthetic vitamins simply means vitamins produced of synthesizing different chemicals.

Natural vitamins, on the other hand, come from living matter, such as plants, animals, fish, and so on.

The difference between synthetic and natural is the chemicals known for producing side-effects. Side-effects are normally unhealthy, except for a few exceptions. A good example is Viagra. Viagra’s was manufactured as a heart medication. However, researchers found out that the medicine had a weird side-effect of increasing the male sex drive. As a result, the medicine was repurposed as a sex drive enhancer than a heart medication.

Find the Best Natural Prenatal Vitamins

Unfortunately, most synthetic vitamins do not have positive side-effects. The side effects are usually unhealthy, such as nausea, palpitations, and even worse medical conditions.

Natural vitamins aren’t really associated with unhealthy side effects. It is because there aren’t enough studies performed on these products or because organic materials rarely produce side effects anyway. For instance, if you consume fruits and vegetables, there’s little to no chance that you’ll encounter a side-effect.

Guess what natural prenatal vitamins should consist of: fruits and/or vegetables. Some contain other natural chemicals from living organisms, such as omega oil fatty acid from fish oils.

So, if you’re deciding which type of prenatal vitamins to take during pregnancy, natural vitamins or organic vitamins would be the most healthy choice.

How Prenatal Vitamins Help During Pregnancy

Find the Best Natural Prenatal Vitamins to Care for Your Little OneYou might be thinking, if you’re eating well and you have a healthy diet, then why would you need prenatal vitamins at all?

A healthy diet is good, and this is what will probably ensure that your pregnancy will complete without a hitch. However, you need to remember that there’s another life inside you and that life is feeding off the vitamins and minerals your body produces.

A healthy diet may be enough to keep you healthy, but can you really eat enough to make sure that the baby is healthy as well? The chances are you should be able to do so, but then you wouldn’t know if the foods you’re consuming have the right quantity of vitamins and minerals for your baby.

The best natural prenatal vitamins contain a sufficient amount of those vitamins and minerals in every dose. So, as the baby grows, he or she will be able to receive the right amounts of vitamins to grow healthy.

Prenatal Vitamins Regulated by the FDA?

Prenatal vitamins, and any other type of vitamins, fall under the category of supplements. Therefore are not regulated by the FDA. This is one of the reasons why you should consider taking natural prenatal vitamins instead of the synthetic kind. Natural prenatal vitamins have a lower risk of producing side effects that could have negative results on your body and the baby you’re carrying.

Take the Best Natural Prenatal Vitamins and Minerals for Your Baby

If you’re pregnant and concerned about having the right amount of vitamins and minerals for your baby, make sure that you consider taking the best natural prenatal vitamins on the market today. As long as the label says 100% natural, there’s a good chance that it is.

At Organic Gender, we promote an organic way of living. We know that organic living is healthy living and one that is sustained throughout your lifetime.

How Prenatal and DHA Vitamins Can Help Improve Your Pregnancy

Some women go through pregnancy with ease while others may have a slightly more difficult experience. Pregnancy requires the mother to be ultra fit.

Those who have questionable health, or have not been taking care of themselves both physically and mentally, are bound to encounter a few problems now and then. Hopefully, not all problems become serious.

Healthy pregnant mothers can’t also be guaranteed a healthy pregnancy. However, the chances of going through the experience much smoother is better for a healthier mother.

The ability to manage problems should they appear are greater for healthy pregnant mothers as well. As such, even healthy mothers can benefit from taking prenatal and DHA vitamins during their term.

Top Prenatal Benefits of DHA

The benefits of prenatal and DHA vitamins are quite amazing. Docosahexaenoic Acid, known as DHA, is a substance that comes from omega 3 fatty acid. This is an acid produced from fish.

Omega 3 has several benefits. Some are slowing the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and relieving a person of depression. They even help in relieving joint pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, and lowering triglyceride levels.

Prenatal and DHA Vitamins Can Help

Aside from receiving the above benefits, pregnant women can also get the prenatal benefits of DHA. The best prenatal vitamins with DHA contain enough content to ensure that the baby’s brain and sight abilities fully develop.

DHA prevents the onset of abnormal growth. This betters the babies chances of survival and of growing to their full potential.

Best Prenatal Vitamins with DHA

If you go to pharmacies and other places you can get prenatal vitamins, whether online or offline, you’ll notice plenty of different brands. Many of them claim that their brand offers the best prenatal and DHA vitamins and other nutrients.

While it may be true that different brands may offer different vitamin and mineral content in their products, what’s more important is how the body processes the product.

Most vitamins and minerals in the market are synthetic and it’s no secret that the body does find it harder to process synthetic materials, or at least much harder than it would when processing food.

This can only mean that there’s a good chance that the body is failing to absorb all the prenatal benefits of DHA that synthetic vitamins claim to provide.

Search for Prenatal DHA Made Naturally

Best Prenatal Vitamins with DHAFortunately, not all vitamins and minerals are synthetic. Quite a number of brands produce vitamins and minerals obtained from organic food materials.

As such, their products are similar to foods that the body can easily process.

If the body can process these multivitamins in a similar fashion that it would food, then it would mean that the body will receive most, if not all of the prenatal benefits of DHA that the product provides.

Use the Best Prenatal and DHA Vitamins for You and Your Baby

All types of prenatal and DHA vitamins have benefits. At Organic Gender, we believe that only the organic kinds can provide the most benefits. But when searching for the best vitamins to take during your pregnancy, you should never discount the recommendations of your healthcare provider. He or she is familiar with how the recommended products work and therefore trusts it.

At the same time, make sure that you also discuss how organic vitamins are also good for the body and are less likely to produce side-effects. Your healthcare provider can answer some of your questions and explain in more details why best prenatal vitamins with DHA are organics.

Natural Ways to Test Your Baby’s Gender

Curiosity, Mothering and Organic Gender

Organic Gender Overview

Carrying your pregnancy to term and safe delivery is every mother’s dream. During and after pregnancy, women often try a variety of products including baby gender test, baby health testing, and adjustments to speed up recovery after birth.

There is a lot to think about during pregnancy with adequate and safe exercise and food often topping the list.

Nevertheless, curiosity often has mothers and fathers thinking about the gender of the new member of the family. This is often resolved using revolutionary organic gender testing technology – or ultrasound and Intelli-gender examination. Gender prediction is difficult and was a concern, even in ancient times – initial experiments going as far back as 1350 BC in Egypt. It is not an art, and this scientific approach works best when mothers are in good health.

Modern Organic Gender Testing

Conventional organic gender testing uses an ancient technique from Egypt – a simple urine test. Unlike the old technique that used barley and wheat grain seeds as the testing medium. This modernized baby gender predictor test is advanced and grounded in ancient knowledge. If one was wondering where to buy a boy or girl test kit, there are many modern options to pick from today.

The improved testing is designed to help dieting and adherence to prenatal care for pregnant mothers.  The test kit uses soil pellets and organic seeds to answer to this burning question. The procedure is natural and noninvasive – with accurate results as early as nine weeks into the pregnancy. The way in which these seeds grow is often an accurate pointer of the mother’s hormones and the baby’s gender.

Many people ask if this test is accurate – it is, with a 70% success rate.

Noninvasive, Successful Baby Gender Predictor – Organic Gender Testing

Regardless of whether you are interested or not in the gender of your baby, pregnant mother’s need exercise and a healthy diet. Before you buy a gender testing kit, ensure you are in good health by adjusting your diet and start regular exercise immediately after confirming the pregnancy.

Ensuring you are eating right will ensure your baby is well nourished and the mother remains strong. You do not want to spend too many sick days and spend the period feeling tired. Regular exercise is recommended unless health conditions are indicating this would put the pregnant mother at risk.

With adequate exercise and a healthy diet, you can successfully use the organic gender testing kit and begin to prepare and plan for your unborn child. The product is natural, safe and easy to use – with a 100% money back guarantee.

Unlike other kits that may involve the use of chemicals or invasive and risky UV light, Organic Gender guarantees complete safety for mothers and their baby’s.

The Organic Gender kits gained popularity rapidly owing to the high 70% accuracy on subjects. Pregnancy is rife with hormonal changes, but for the most part, this alone is enough to give very strong pointers to the baby’s gender.

This is one reason why exercise and diet are very crucial for a suitable/reliable outcome. Many professional medical practitioners will tell you that gender is determined within the womb. Research yet finds accurate means of understanding just when and how the mother’s body makes this decision.

For successful organic gender, testing mothers are advised to maintain health, exercise, and diet through pregnancy. Go ahead and try our products today – one thing you can be certain of is you will deliver a healthy baby.

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The Many Options of Gender Test Kits

Comparing Gender Prediction Kits

From Ancient History Until Now – Baby Gender Prediction

For ages, people around the world have been curious to identify their baby’s gender before childbirth. Even the ancients took pride in planning and strove to find indicators that could help them prepare for the newborn. Ancient Egyptians devised one of the oldest techniques to perform this examination using urine and growth patterns of specific seeds. This is the concept behind organic baby gender tests.

There are three oft-used techniques for gender determination, including organic gender, Intelli gender, and ultrasound testing. Of these, the non-invasive techniques, ultrasound appears to be losing most ground for a number of reasons.

Pros and Cons of Ultrasound baby gender predictors

This technique involves the use of powerful sound rays to “see” the developing baby and determine its gender. This technique has for long been considered the most popular despite its comparatively low accuracy. The technique can only be applied after at least ten weeks and even then its accuracy is way below that of modern techniques.

In light of new techniques, ultrasound is no longer as widely used. The main reason being, the developing baby and mother are exposed to risk through the use of powerful sound waves. That is not forgetting that the positioning of the placenta is not always an accurate gender determinant.

On the other hand, ultrasound continues to be used to detect developmental abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome, cleft palate, cardiac anomalies and other physical malformations.

Organic Gender baby gender testing

This is a modern non-invasive indicator that relies on ancient knowledge to determine the outcome of your boy or girl test. To complete this test successfully, the mother is instructed to begin eating right and exercising regularly early during pregnancy.

Unlike ultrasound, organic gender testing can be done as early as nine weeks into pregnancy with decent accuracy – 70%.  The concept is to determine gender based on how hormones on the urine samples affects the growth of seeds. The kits are affordable and can be easily found in retail outlets both online and in stores. They are a great and safe prediction test to determine the gender of your baby with out the hassle and expense of an ultrasound.

Intelli gender – baby gender testing

Intelli gender is a revolutionary gender testing technique that relies on urine samples to detect pregnancy and baby gender early as six weeks into pregnancy. While it is very effective to determine pregnancy after missed periods its efficacy in gender prediction is not that high.

However, it would be unfair to deny it’s fast and easy to use. Intelli gender is also very safe and does not expose the mother or child to risk. Unfortunately, it does not serve any alternative purpose, and the introduction of a more effective product could easily render it obsolete. Its comparison to the baking soda test often does little to improve its standing in the professional antenatal community.

Closing remarks

With several new options to determine gender, pregnancy is becoming even more joyous for many families. While ultrasound testing accuracy is questionable, its use as a precursor to identifying malformations will have this technique survive for several years to come. While organic and Intelli gender kits report greater accuracy, they lack the versatility of ultrasound.

Based on the above thoughts the future appears to lean toward relegation of ultrasound to the role of physical examination – yet another plus for mothers.

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Organic Gender Test Kits for Soon to be Mothers

Baby Gender Test Kits by Organic Gender

Do you want to know the gender of your unborn baby? If you’re among the people who do, then you’re in luck. You don’t have to rely on old wives tales. They may be fun, but you’ll find that they get it wrong as often as they get it right. Test a bunch of these folk methods of gender prediction, and you’ll get conflicting predictions. That’s why you want to use the Organic Gender Baby Gender Test Kits instead.

Fun but False Gender Test Methods

Many of us have heard of various folk tales regarding how to tell what the baby’s gender is going to be. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Are you carrying your baby low? Then your baby’s a boy. If it’s high, it’s a girl.
  • Another tradition says that if you’re expanding horizontally, it’s a girl. Carrying in front means it’s a boy.
  • Do you have cold feet and dry hands? It’s a boy. But if you have skin blemishes like acne, it’s a girl. According to legend, she’s taking some of your beauty.
  • Here’s another superstition, which uses your wedding ring. You take of the ring and tie it to a piece of string. Then you hang the ring over your belly. Is it swinging back and forth? Then it’s a girl. If the ring swings in a circle, it’s a boy.
  • When you get an ultrasound during the early weeks of the pregnancy, it may be too early to definitely tell if it’s a boy or girl. That is, it’s too early for the medical professionals. But you can measure your baby’s heart rate. If it’s more 140 beats per minute, then it’s a girl. If it’s less than 140 beats a minute, it’s a boy.
  • Your cravings may also provide a clue. Do you want lots of sour and salty foods? Then it’s a boy. It’s a girl if you’re looking for chocolate and other sweets.
  • The husband may even provide a clue too. If daddy is putting on some weight along with mommy, then mommy is carrying a girl. If daddy’s weight remains the same, then a boy is coming.
  • Are you prone to lots of bouts of morning sickness? That means baby is a girl. With a boy, you’re supposed to go through your first trimester without too many instances of upset stomach.
  • What if it’s your friend who’s pregnant? Then you can give her the key gender predictor test. Just present her a key and ask her to pick it up. If she takes it by the round end, then it’s a boy. But if she grasps it by the narrow part, it’s a girl.
  • Then there’s the Drano gender prediction test, which is actually a bit dangerous. The pregnant mom pees in a cup, and then you add a table spoon of Drano. If the liquid in the cup turns blue, then it’s a boy. Green says it’s a girl. However, you may want to hold off from this particular baby gender test. The mixture can create toxic fumes, or even cause an explosion. So why risk it?
  • Instead of Drano, you can use baking soda with the urine instead. It’s a boy if it fizzles and it’s a girl if it doesn’t.

All these tests are fun, but often when you take then you’ll get different predictions. So why not try the Baby Gender Test Kits by Organic Gender instead. They’re fun too! What’s more, they’re a lot more accurate.

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Tips for Your Unborn Baby’s Safety

6 Safety Tips For Pregnant Moms

Pregnancy is an exciting time for mothers-to-be, their spouses, and everyone in their lives. However, pregnancy also means that expectant moms need to be increasingly careful so as to protect their bodies and their little unborn kids. Too often, pregnant moms downplay the need to be cautious and go all out in regards to the activities in their life as though there weren’t heavy with child. However, this is not the safest approach. As any GP will tell you, pregnancy is a time to be cautious. Below, find six safety tips on how to remain safe through your 9-month pregnancy journey.

  • Wear expectant clothing

Between months 1-4, you can afford to wear your regular clothes and shoes because your tummy hasn’t grown big yet. However, from month four onward, you have to wear expectant clothes all the time. Clothes that are loose-fitting or those that have an elastic band will ensure that you stay comfortable and that you do not apply any unwanted pressure to your blooming bulge. Changing heeled shoes for flats will also do your feet a lot better as you will stay light on your feet longer and will avoid too much swelling in your legs.

  • Limit your chores

When pregnant mothers remain at home or take their pregnancy breaks, some tend to overwork themselves in an attempt to remain busy or productive. While the idea is noble, balance is needed to avoid overworking oneself. Limit your chores throughout the house. Give yourself regular breaks and avoid any heavy work that will make you strain. If you’re not up to the usual domestic chores, think about hiring temporary help.

  • Listen to your body

Women are known to have great instincts and mothers have even better ones. Being pregnant puts you in the latter group. As you sail through pregnancy, learn to listen to your body. Let it give you the cues to follow in regards to health and safety. Don’t assume any new or strange developments that you encounter, e.g. pain, discomfort, unusual discharge, etc. If you detect that something is amiss, talk to your GP immediately. Don’t take any chances at this time.

  • Ask for help when you need it

Being pregnant, especially in the last few months, means that you will not be able to do some of the things that you are usually able to do. For example, you won’t be able to stand or walk for long. Event simple duties like bending down to pick something from the ground might become a chore. Instead of straining to do everything yourself, learn to ask for help any time you need it. This will ensure that you do not get yourself into precarious situations that put you or your baby at risk.

  • Get some exercise

One way to remain safe during pregnancy is to exercise. Just because you’re expectant does not mean that you cannot stay fit. Go for pregnancy exercise classes such as aerobics, dancing, yoga, pilates, etc. Exercise will allow you to remain healthy, both physically and mentally. Remember that you need to be fit to carry a growing baby 24/7 for nine months. The more fit you are, the easier it will be. Exercising during pregnancy will also allow you to keep that extra weight at bay. In addition to that, if you exercise during pregnancy, working out after pregnancy to regain your physique will be easy.

  • Be careful of the advice you get from other people

Last but not least, be careful of the advice you take or follow. As a pregnant mom or couple, you are going to get a lot of advice from other people. This could be mothers, other couples, friends, family, workmates or online sources. Don’t take up just any advice because it sounds good. Learn to trust your instincts. Also, limit the number of people/sources that you take advice from. These should be sources that you know and trust. Needless to say, following the wrong advice at this time could be dangerous.

At the end of the day, your main goal during pregnancy is to stay safe and healthy so that you can carry your baby to delivery. The above tips will go a long way in guiding you to doing exactly that, especially if you’re a first-time mom. Besides that, enjoy the process. And if you have ever wondered, “Am I having a boy or girl?” Take a baby gender prediction test. Bottom-line, your pregnancy is a journey and not an event so do everything you can to make it count.

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When You Can Tell If You Are Having a Boy or Girl

What Month Will I know the Sex of My Baby?

There is one prime question that pregnant moms and expectant couples cannot stop asking themselves until they know the answer; is it a boy or a girl?

Determining the gender of one’s unborn child is indeed a big mystery, at least until tests are undertaken. Apart from hearsay techniques such as checking the infant’s heart rate, checking where you’re carrying or gauging if you have cravings for protein, three bonafide methods can be relied on to answer the gender question.

In this post, find out what they are, and more importantly, find out which one can tell you the sex of your child the earliest.

Ultrasound scans

Ultrasound scans are easily the most common way used to determine the sex of your child in this modern age of medicine. Ultrasound machines use high-frequency sound waves to create visual images of the internal organs. It is through this imaging process that an imaging specialist can help identify if the unborn child has male or female genitalia.

Of course, one is given the prerogative to decide if they want to be told this or not. Ultrasound scans are convenient because they are available at any medical facility. They also produce a visual image of the unborn child, so that is another big plus.

However, an ultrasound scan can only help to determine gender from week 18 of pregnancy. So despite being quite high-tech, moms that plan to use this method have to wait for more than four months before getting their answer. And in addition to that, sometimes the imaging technicians can make incorrect calls on the gender if the picture quality produced during viewing is not so clear; other times the unborn baby just does not get into a good position to view their genitalia, leaving the question unanswered.

But perhaps most concerning are the potential harmful effects of ultrasounds as discussed by Dr. Sarah Buckley, MD. These can include:

  • Heat
  • Cavitation
  • Acoustic streaming

Baby gender prediction kits

Baby gender prediction kits are also quite common nowadays. These are simple kits that you can use at home or virtually anywhere. Most of them require a blood or urine sample to work. They basically test the blood cells or the hormones in the urine to help determine if the child is a boy or girl. They can be bought in pharmacies, or can be ordered online. They have varying reliability due to there being many of them on the market. However, they could be considered high-tech.

Baby gender prediction kits claim to be about 70% accurate when it comes to the results. However, they are not always so accurate. In regards to timelines, most work from week 12. So the good news is that one can use them six weeks earlier than an ultrasound can be of any assistance.

organic-gender-how-it-works-01Organic Gender gender-prediction system

Despite being a gender prediction kit itself, this product by Organic Gender is unique and deserves its individual category for many reasons. For one, it’s more of a system rather than a gender kit. Two, it’s used over a period of time and not just the one time. Third, it’s all natural and organic, unlike other kits on the market. With this kit, the expectant mom adds a urine sample to two different sets of seeds over a period of time.

Each set of seeds represents a different baby gender. The set of seeds that sprout faster gives the tell on the gender. This system is based on an ancient Egyptian baby prediction system that was in use thousands of years ago. This kit can be utilized as early as nine weeks into the pregnancy, which makes it quite an early predictor. In fact, it makes it the earliest baby prediction product in the market. Being all natural and organic also makes it quite appealing. And because the urine sample is applied several times, it helps to capture a more reliable reading as opposed to kits that only require a single urine sample during the entire 9-month pregnancy.

The manufacturer guarantees 80% accuracy which is quite impressive. To back this claim, the manufacturer is offering a 100% money-back guarantee if the test is wrong. This means that there is no risk at all when deciding to use the Organic Gender baby gender prediction kit. So how early can you tell if your unborn baby is a boy or a girl? Well, to recap, with an ultrasound, it’s 18 weeks, with general gender prediction kits it’s 12 weeks, and with Organic Gender’s system, it’s as early as nine weeks. And of course, if you like, you can wait until birth if you want to give you and your partner a surprise.

The choice is yours on what system to use. Ultrasound checks are available in medical centers, prediction kits can be found in pharmacies, and Organic Gender’s kit can be bought through their site at