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Blogger Chooses Organic Gender instead of Ultrasound

Sustainable Baby
Something you might not have thought about: Organic Gender is the sustainable choice and doesn’t use precious resources or leave a carbon footprint!

From Jen over at Another Jen pregnant mommy-blog:

Great ideas on how to involve your kids with Organic Gender

Kids Plant Craft Ideas

Over at 3boysandadog Mommy-blog she has a nice take on the Organic Gender Baby Predictor:

The age old question for those of you expecting a baby……Do we find out if it’s a boy or a girl? Having a baby is one of the biggest life changing events that will ever happen in your lifetime. In addition to knowing if the baby is healthy, who they will look like and take after, most of us want to know the gender of the baby as soon as possible.

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Organic Gender is a patent-pending, all natural, interactive way to find out the gender of your baby before he or she is born. No expensive or invasive tests to take. Organic Gender uses the same process as the ancient Egyptians used to predict the gender of children, with a few modern-day modifications.

I have to admit, the process of this gender identification test is pretty amazing. Organic Gender uses a urine based, at-home prediction test, that provides you with a kit containing two types of organic seeds to plant. A pregnant woman’s urine will cause both seeds to grow. But whichever seeds grow faster and stronger will determine the gender of your baby. And you can start this process as early as 9 weeks! No more waiting until your 20-week ultrasound and hope you get to find out. In most cases you will see results within several days.

This is a fun activity you can get the entire family involved in. The older siblings will love to watch both plants to see if they are going to have a new brother or a new sister!

Results from Organic Gender are about 70% accurate so you can start planning for your little boy or girl earlier than normal.

The comments make great Testimonials as well!


Readers respond with their first time baby stories

Organic Gender Cry Baby

Having a baby is, of course, a life-changing experience. But exactly how your life changes can be a bit of a surprise. Our readers share some of their experiences.

How can I cope with the sleep deprivation?

“I should have tried to sleep on the first night after the baby was born, instead of spending five hours staring at my baby to make sure he was still breathing! I’d definitely recommend getting sleep whenever you can.”

“Newborn babies need lots and lots of sleep. However, keeping them up more during the day doesn’t make them sleep any better at night, it just makes you frazzled.”

“At three in the morning, remember that they aren’t babies forever, and eventually, you will get some sleep.”

“Sleep when your baby sleeps. Midwives always say this, but it does work!”

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Science of Mother-Baby Bonding

You take your baby to the pediatrician for her regular check-ups, vaccines, and at the first sign of a fever. You keep her away from runny-nose friends and steer clear of the sun. You babyproof your home and gently bandage her boo-boos.

All to make sure your child grows up healthy and strong. But compelling new research is showing that the strength of your emotional bond with your baby may well trump all of those other measures you take to help her thrive.


There are decades of evidence to back up Dr. Chopra’s claims. In one study from Ohio State University, rabbits that were cuddled by researchers were protected against the artery-clogging effects of a high-cholesterol diet.

Gender Predictions throughout history

There are many “old wives’ tales” predicting the sex of your baby in the days before ultrasound made it a game of “find the penis” (or lack thereof) on the little monitor.

The way you walk

Walk with your right foot first, you’re having a boy; the opposite, you’re having a girl. This was according to the Distaff Gospels — a wonderful source for medically questionable stunners, some of which were, if not exactly prescient or accurate, at least well-intentioned: For example, the Gospels cautioned that if at the hour of conception, “neither feels affectionate love for the other, a female of bitter disposition is born.”

After the baby comes

Organic Gender FAQ

Over at Madamenoire there’s a great article about the 10 things that change after you have a baby.

Morning Mommy

My husband would disagree with me on this, mainly because I find that I’m late for work almost every morning getting myself and my son out of the door. But what I have discovered since having my son is I no longer need an alarm clock to get up in the morning. Maybe it’s because I never really slept. Sleep was…and still is…my best friend, but since I haven’t gotten any in over a year now if you include my pregnancy, I can now find a way to function in the morning and throughout the day

Organic Gender Blog Launch!

Organic Gender Blog Introduction

Organic Gender Blog Launch!

 Organic Gender is happy to launch our new blog.  While various members of our organization will be contributing content to this site from time to time, as the primary moderator I would like to begin by introducing myself.  My name is Jenna, and I am not a parent.  I am a single woman, living in Brooklyn in her late twenties who does hope to someday have a family, but definitely not at this time. 

I have a great support system, and am fortunate to have many close friends and family members in my life who are amazing parents.   Throughout the next several months I hope to address issues regarding natural health, sustainable living, and to hopefully address topics and trends that perpetuate the blatant misinformation that I encounter on the big scary internet and in the parenting world. I would like to see others contribute to the conversation; I would like to see you openly express your parental ideologies to me and if necessary correct me when I have written about something that you do not agree with. 

Simple Food Nutrition

 Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregbelly w food

Pregnancy is a great time in a woman’s life but it can also be a very stressful time. If you are expecting a child then you have to be particularly careful about your overall health. You need to be especially watchful about your diet because you need the best possible food nutrition in order to ensure that you and your unborn child are both healthy. Pregnant women also find it easier to deal with most pregnancy related ailments simply by eating right.


Fitness While Pregnant


Information You Should Know


 Fitness while Pregnant 1

Pregnant woman can and should exercise in moderation unless there are health factors or risks that prevent them from participating in a fitness program. This should consist of intervals of no more than thirty minutes at a time, several days each week if not every day of the week. Exercising has been proven to help pregnant women feel and look better, and also will help in minimizing the amount of weight gained during pregnancy.