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Organic Gender was developed using the ancient Egyptian method of determining if a woman was pregnant and if it was a Boy or a Girl.

Usually urinating on seeds or plants will not cause them to thrive, however because of the hormonal changes in a woman’s system during pregnancy it can actually cause some seeds to sprout and thrive.

Ancient Egyptians woman who suspected pregnancy were advised to urinate on wheat or barley seeds and monitor the seeds growth for a period of time.

According to the lore, if it was a female child, the wheat would grow, and a male child would cause the barley to grow. Ancient yes – however this theory was tested in 1963 by scientific methods that proved this ancient method to be 70% accurate!

Today, the Organic Gender team offers to you a completely “Natural” way for you to find out the gender of your child. Most gender tests on the market today give you only one chance per test to get it right. With Organic Gender‘s way, you have several opportunities to capture and reinforce your body’s true hormonal balance, ensuring a more accurate test results!

Organic Gender - Gender Prediction System 2 ways to buy

2 Ways to Buy

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Interactive Demo

Tour our virtual demo and experience a step by step look at how you can achieve your accurate prediction with Organic Gender.

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