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Baby Gender Test Kit by Organic Gender, LLC

So You just found out you are Pregnant!

You’re having a Baby! This is one of the most exciting life changing events you will ever encounter: Will the baby be healthy? Will the baby look like you? And the most important question of all – is it a Boy or a Girl?

Organic Gender - Gender Prediction System is a patent-pending, all natural, interactive way to discover the gender of the baby growing inside you – without having to take expensive, invasive tests. With Organic Gender - Gender Prediction System you can watch you baby’s gender grow in front of your eyes before he or she is even born.

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Baby’s Gender Test With 70% Accuracy in Just 3 Easy Steps

It's as Easy as 1-2-3

Organic Gender - Gender Prediction System is a urine based home gender prediction test that's easy to use. Two types of seeds are planted. Which grow stronger and faster will determines if your baby is a boy or girl.
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1 Hydrate the Pellets

Hydrate the Pellets

2 Plant the Seeds

Plant the Seeds

3 Water & Watch Them Grow

Water & Watch Them Grow

Get the Best Results

Organic Gender demo Step by step tutorial to set up the easy-to-use Organic Gender system. Find out how by watching our Best Results Video

How It Works

Organic Gender How it WorksOrganic Gender is nature's most accurate and earliest, all natural, gender testing system.How Organic Gender works

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