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How the Organic Gender Kit Tells if you are Having a Boy or a Girl

The Organic Gender Kit is actually based on an ancient Egyptian method. It’s actually very simple. The kit contains two packets of seeds, which you then plant in the included pots that have been conveniently labeled “Boy” and “Girl”.

The expectant mommy simply follows the directions to hydrate the two pots of plants. The plants will grow, but the hormones in the solution will affect the plants differently. One of them will grow faster and taller, and that will indicate if you’re having a boy or a girl.

Is Your Baby a Boy or Girl?

Accurate Gender Prediction as Early as 9 Weeks

You’re having a Baby! This is one of the most exciting life changing events you will ever encounter: Will the baby be healthy? Will the baby look like you? And the most important question of all – is it a Boy or a Girl?

Organic Gender - Gender Prediction System is a patent-pending, all natural, interactive way to discover the gender of the baby growing inside you – without having to take expensive, invasive tests. With Organic Gender - Gender Prediction System you can watch you baby’s gender grow in front of your eyes before he or she is even born.

Don't wait for the ultrasound, but that’s only when you’re in week 18 to week 20 of your pregnancy. With the Organic Gender Kit, you can try in just week 9, although the most accurate results start with week 11.

Some people want to be surprised. But you may not be one of them. After all, by knowing in advance, you can then connect with your baby and begin choosing a baby name and decorating the nursery and buying your baby's first items.

So are you pregnant? It’s your choice whether to remain ignorant of your child’s gender and be unprepared. But if you do celebrate the advantage of knowing, then you should try the Organic Gender Baby Gender Test Kits. It’s fun, it’s informative, and it’s natural.

And best of all our baby gender tests come with a 100% money back guarantee! Exclusively from Organic Gender, if you don't love our baby prediction test just send it back for a complete refund.

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Baby’s Gender Test With 100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Organic Gender Test Kit

Organic Gender - Gender Prediction System is a urine based home gender prediction test that's easy to use.
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1 Hydrate the Pellets

Hydrate the Pellets

2 Plant the Seeds

Plant the Seeds

3 Water & Watch Them Grow

Water & Watch Them Grow

Get the Best Results

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How It Works

Organic Gender How it Works Organic Gender is nature's most accurate and earliest, all natural, gender testing system. How Organic Gender works

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